Our Process

At TAG, we’re all about asking the right questions to provide our partners with full turnkey solutions that address their needs. Our process and methodology combines extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of medicine and engineering with a passion for innovation. And we’re always guided by design verification and validation, costs and timeline.

TAG brings together many moving parts to create uniquely designed solutions.


We never impose our ideas or solutions. Instead, we work closely with our partners to jointly develop products that solve their problems and address their needs. They bring their idea and vision; we bring our expertise, experience and eye for innovation—together we create solutions.

At TAG, we’re committed to on-time delivery—every time.


At TAG, communication isn’t just a buzzword—it’s an integral part of our process. We simply can’t offer adequate solutions without maintaining ongoing communication with our partners throughout the entire process. Within TAG, our various departments interact and discuss projects regularly, too, to ensure that we never lose sight of our partners’ needs.

Quality and Regulation

Our Quality and Regulation department sees standards not only as rules to follow, but also as part of an ongoing conversation. The team invests in staying up to date about market and industry standards, and collaborates closely with different regulatory bodies—the FDA and others, given partners’ individual needs—on a daily basis.